SENSIMED Triggerfish® - 24 hour profile of ocular dimensional changes

The SENSIMED Triggerfish® is currently available only to selected and closely centers worldwide. Here follows a short description of the various components of the SENSIMED Triggerfish®.


Not yet approved for sale in the U.S.A.

SENSIMED Triggerfish® Sensor

The Sensor, similar to a soft contact lens, is disposable and packaged in an individual glass vial.
Three base curves are available (BC 8.4 – BC 8.7 – BC 9.0).

SENSIMED Triggerfish® Antenna

The Antenna is disposable and taped around the eye for the duration of the recording session. It is available for either the left or the right eye.

SENSIMED Triggerfish® Recorder

The portable Recorder is worn by the patient. It stores the acquired data during the recording session.

SENSIMED Triggerfish® Data Cable

The Data Cable connects the Antenna to the Recorder and transfers the information.


The Battery Charger charges the battery of the Recorder.

SENSIMED Triggerfish® Software

With the SENSIMED Triggerfish® Software, the healthcare professional can initiate a session, and visualize and analyze the 24 hour patient profile.

Bluetooth USB adapter

The Bluetooth USB adapter connects the Recorder to the computer

SENSIMED Triggerfish® Case

An aluminum case with customized foam to conveniently stores all components of the system..